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Over the years we’ve expanded the issues we deal with as people have come in asking for our help as a last resort-these people have been to an average of five or six other professionals with absolutely zero results. In the vast majority of cases our clients were shocked that after years of disappointment they realize change in THE VERY FIRST SESSION!


That’s a wonderful thing but it also makes things very easy for us, because there’s no lengthy process to deciding if we can help you – come in for a consultation and you’ll know in that FIRST contact! About as simple as it gets.


What do we deal with? Honestly, it would be easier to list what we don’t: verified neurological conditions like Schizophrenia or medical conditions that are not developed through or exacerbated by stress, and that’s about it. if it involves the MIND we deal with it. We approach it that way to prevent someone from NOT finding help because they weren’t on a list – here’s a short one but it’s not inclusive: Depression, Relationships, Anxiety, Phobias, Guilt, Shame, Substance Abuse, PTSD & Hypervigilance, Lack of Motivation, Malaise, Career Blocks, Teenage Issues & Troubled Children, Dysfunctional Families…

Using methods that directly challenge traditional psychology we have created a methodology that has a staggering 87% Success Rate. Treating the way the mind ‘actually’ works means we don’t have to arbitrarily decide which problem we have to work on: Career Blocks; Depression; Relationships; Teen & Child Issues; Anxiety; Motivation; Goal Setting; Poverty Mindset; Substance Abuse… and emotional states no one can define! Our Neurology-Mathematical based system works on everything because everything has the same root cause. Inception Points! We have dozens of endorsements for how utterly powerful this is! We are dedicated to Empowering People Through Understanding: That The Subconscious Mind Is A Non-Linear Dynamic System, A Chaotic System… so, IT CAN BE UNDERSTOOD AND IT CAN BE CONQUERED & REDIRECTED!


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My beautiful wife of many years, Kelly, who deals with contact, booking & admin and is happy to discuss her experience with people who’ve gone through the process-I’m bound by confidentiality but it’s common for clients after a session to sit and chat with Kelly

As you will have a personal definition for how you feel then it can easily be missed in a list-so don’t worry what’s there, call and chat. My wife is a strong but compassionate, wonderful person-never had anyone that doesn’t like Kelly. Her job isn’t to go into detail but to answer any peripheral questions that might be stopping you from coming in and finding out for yourself.

The Babies

The Team: Left to Right: Ava, Milo and Shiloh

The other part of the team are our dogs: Milo, Shiloh & Ava, all small dogs and rescues-they love our clients and we have to be careful that they don’t get kidnapped-its been mentioned! Because of our success with Families & Children/Teens, Kelly has done an amazing job of creating a friendly welcoming reception area. This is non traditional because we have listened when clients have told us how they were made to feel inadequate and broken when they’ve been elsewhere. Not with us.

This comfort level from all demographics could be seen as ironic because I am a non-politically-correct, straight talking, sometimes old fashioned person with conservative, traditional views, a British immigrant, Combat Vet & hunter-yet our client base encompasses EVERYONE: gay & lesbian, every race, creed and nationality, Police-Officers & people with substance abuse, Federal judges and people who can’t move their career on due to blocks. The wonderful thing is, in general people only care that you are good at what you do! That you’re passionate about it! That you actually care about them! The result? Everyone feels comfortable, everyone finds what they need.

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The friendly environment makes sense but it belies a Hard-Science System. Kelly struggles to outline how it works: our own Cutting-Edge Methodology Inception Point Mapping™ increases the effectiveness of NLP & Clinical Hypnosis by around 500%, its based on a Mathematical Modeling of the Mind that is easy to undergo but not so easy to explain, so we have created a separate website to explain the science, please go here Inception Point Mapping™ Explained to look at the science behind what we do!

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Our Facebook page is a friendly forum to discuss issues and read articles – our page Seven Rivers deals with many aspects of emotional health but also, importantly, the causes that matter to us… we are very much against use of the fake “illness” ADHD & the subsequent administration of powerful drugs that follows-to children as young as 7 years old. Also, we campaign to stop the destructive ideology of Transgenderism. As an actual Genetic issue it affects about 1/1000 of 1% of the population – the issue is being pushed onto children from 5 upwards almost suggesting that they should rethink their gender. Whole libraries of children’s books are dedicated to confusing children that still believe in Santa Clause. This can appear and it is invariably a temporary emotional issue that can be easily and safely dealt with – giving prepubescent children drugs to prevent puberty so they can be surgically transgendered can NEVER be undone. 




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