Talking to clients about their experiences has given me the ability to know pretty accurately what plan would suite them best.

I’ve looked at average sessions to ‘the end objective’ for our clients over many years which has enabled me to come up with discount packages.

Session time is 90 minutes

Our per-session rate is $300.00

Advance Payment for 5 Sessions brings this to $250.00 per session

Advance Payment for 10 Sessions brings this to $200.00 per session                             

Ten Sessions is the average amount to complete the process – which means that you can, on average, completely change your life for just $2,000

Costs for Workshops is Currently Estimated at $100 per person per session – Workshops will be in 120 minute segments in 3 segments

So total cost to attend a Workshop Series will likely be $300

Emergency phone sessions are charged at the normal session rate for that client

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