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Kelly & Geoff

Kelly & Geoff Church Xmas 2015

Geoffrey Ragnarokk Danes had a lifelong fascination with America, he joined the British Navy at sixteen & under NATO Secondment got his Green-Beret with the USMC, later served with the British SBS then with US Navy SEAL-Team 6 in the early 80’s – he is a Combat Veteran. After leaving the military Geoff started a Business Consulting Company teaching Negotiation Skills & Body-Language to Executives & CEO’s of International Companies. His Company worked with George Soros, Scott Bessent, IBM Clocker MoellerAudi, SEB Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken and others-with offices in London & San Diego, he divided his time between Europe and America. His educational background is in Mathematics & Physics but his introduction to the human psyche came through Military Programs like R2i (Resistance to Interrogation), Enemy Profiling & Survival Mentality Training. He is a Master of NLP & Clinical Hypnotherapist. 

Despite spending considerable time in the USA ironically Geoff met his American wife, Kelly, in London. Kelly was living in Arizona at the time and was born and raised in rural IL. They have four grown children living in various parts of the world (Geoff attributes this to giving his children an adventurous upbringing). They moved to America permanently a decade ago to focus on a less corporate style of business, helping individuals to reach their full potential and live more satisfying lives. Geoff developed a cutting edge system to enable this called Inception Point Mapping™ which looks at early environmental effects on the developing brain and mapping the neural pathways which, he maintains, are subject to Chaos Theory and so will develop over time in a complex but discoverable way.

Kelly & Geoff currently live in Phoenix with their three rescue dogs and business helpers Milo, Shiloh & Ava.