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Stop Drugging Our Children!

Futuristic Brain

America is still the greatest nation on Earth, though it does need to install an upgrade to be efficient again. As a Democratic Republic operating through Capitalism there are very wealthy people and then some without much money, but everything is relative; those without much money in the USA still have a fantastic standard of living. Money is NOT our problem – so what is it? My opinion: its a short-term viewpoint by those in political office. I am always surprised when I discover they have children/grandchildren!

The Industrial Revolution was a Rubicon Point for the West, it removed many problems that had plagued us (yes, I got the irony of ‘plagued’) but introduced others. It became a bit like whack-a-mole, smog from coal factories caused respiratory problems, we cleaned it up, then the next problem arose – but, in general, we acknowledged the issues and worked to correct them.

No more it seems. Now there’s money to be made from the issues.

I can’t be convinced that the staggering spike in Transgender youth is disconnected from:

(1) The vast artificial Estrogen levels polluting our environment, leading to low-fertility & feminization in men and hormone imbalances in females.

(2) Left propaganda that these groups are being prejudiced against – see below – which heightens youth culture awareness and makes it trendy to be Transgender. Before any Radical-Feminists explode this information comes directly from a diverse sample of teenage girls and boys. They are well aware it’s the new edgy.

N.B. Take the Restroom debacle, no one has mentioned it’s NOT because you’re Transgender, its because we don’t KNOW if you’re Transgender or just a  pedophile/rapist. Part of your freedom is being able to declare you’re Transgender without an Orwellian scientific test and evaluation. So until we figure that out we have to protect the public – because bad people lie! 

Transgender Treatments are primarily hormone replacement and a myriad of other pharmaceutical drugs. Yes, I have talked to Transgender people. In order to make the difficult transition many problems arise. The hormones have unwanted side effects that have to be controlled by more drugs – skin problems being probably the most common. More money for big pharmaceutical companies.



The human body is not that efficient at absorbing chemicals, which includes pharmaceuticals. In many instances the majority of the drug is expelled from the body, in urine for example, this enters the environment. A cocktail of pharmaceutical residue ends up in our food and water supply. Studies have also pointed to the overprescription of medication which is, frequently disposed of directly into the toilet – makes sense BUT despite sewage treatment many of these chemicals escape the process and enter the environment. So, great, another sidestepped pollutant – and thats without us asking “what happens to these complex chemicals when they’re randomly mixed?”. Nothing good would be my guess!

Singling out blame between Producers and Government Regulators, neither are upholding their responsibility to the future: OUR CHILDREN. That aside there’s a even more disturbing and most likely related side effect:

ADHD header adhd

First, a word about the amazing non-existent medical condition: ADHD. The Internet says the following:

ADHD list

Interesting that something the medical profession is entirely clueless about can none the less be declared INCURABLE. Requires only an observational medical diagnosis – yet it’s Incurable & Chronic. Treatment is given in the form of pharmaceuticals – yet, no testing is required.

There is, in my opinion, a movement to confuse the public into thinking ADHD is a medical condition (there are now movements against this – thankfully). Firstly by giving it a name – you name something, it exists! Yet, it doesn’t. ADHD is a list of behaviors that could have ANY cause, however, if you tick a certain percentage of the boxes then, you have ADHD. This ‘diagnosis’ is about as useful as a chocolate coffee-pot!

Based on a non-diagnosis, for a non-existent malady many Doctors will prescribe drug-treatment.

I see many children who have been diagnosed with ADHD – self fulfilling prophecy, as the child will tell you openly that this is what they have, so they now believe it and expect to have issues. I am then informed that the child, some as young as FIVE years old, are being medicated, usually with one of the following:

ADHD drug list

To give a young, developing, brain something as simple as caffeine is not a good idea and THESE are hardcore drugs. Testing is preliminary. They will tell you not but its all subjective – to me it’s preliminary unless we have at least 20 years of field data to look at. In adults with chronic conditions we don’t have to be this cautious – all life is a risk – BUT to give a developing brain a drug like this for a non-existent medical condition based on a guess THAT’S UNACCEPTABLE!

So this ADHD thing, any connection to the environmental pollutants I mentioned? Well…


Logically younger adults and children will suffer more from environmental pollution because, as above, for the 41+ age group the problem didn’t exists when they were growing up, second children are naturally more sensitive to pollutants. The data here tends to indicate it could well be connected. Why not 3-5 year olds? Due to the slow developing human brain under 5’s will not pass/fail (who knows) the ADHD list, they simply cannot be analyzed that way.

ADHD genders

If the main pollutant was Estrogen then you would expect males to be effected more than females – which… is what we see!

My theory as to WHAT ADHD actually is includes Progressive policies, very well encompassed in the Common-Core education philosophy. Schools are non-contact zones, rough physical play is discouraged, children are told they’re not boys and girls but “Purple-Penguins” and it goes on and on… all the things removed here BOYS NEED! It’s essential to their development into strong men. Progressives believe MEN are toxic to our society. I beg to differ! 

spartan-agoge 1


spartan agoge text


Spartans believed it was distracting and dishonorable for a warrior to have money, so their wives controlled the wealth. Vikings/Spartans practiced combat as a profession which left the women in charge of the farms and estates. Women in Sparta maintained strict physical training regimens making them healthy, strong & fit, so… beautiful. Helen of Troy was a Spartan. Spartan women were renown for their beauty. Empowered, in control, fit, strong and courageous! So where is the evidence that an emasculated male population makes women strong? There isn’t any but there is plenty to the opposite.

WE ARE NOT CREATING A NEUTRAL WORLD WITH ‘PURPLE PENGUINS’ WE ARE MAINTAINING A TRADITIONAL GIRLS WORLD AND FORCING BOYS TO EXISTS IN IT. RESULT: THEY DON’T DO WELL. Boys are failing in school academically, they are exhibiting behavioral problems, they go on to underperform in college, some grow up and withdraw from society – confused about their place in society and in relationships with women (how does this work with Purple-Penguins anyway?) they retreat into computer games.

In order to offset the effects of Estrogen hitting boys hard we would need a social system like the Spartan Agoge! Yet, we have the opposite, a feminized, gentle system. I really do believe Boys Need To Be Boys. Girls are doing just fine, hitting their potential (of course there are negative social issues that effect them but I will cover that in another article).

So, again… what’s wrong with a Spartan balance in culture where you have strong MEN and strong WOMEN? We had it before. There was no room for any pilgrim moving to the West in America to be soft – whatever age or gender!

Spartan River Tam Spartan 300 men

WRAPPING UP: How do ‘I’ deal with ADHD? Well, first, the answer to pharmaceutical poisoning in the environment is not MORE pharmaceuticals! Get our children OFF the drugs. Second, is rather like deprogramming someone rescued from a cult – allow children to see reality again, not the monster that is Progressive ideology. Set them free. Give them a moral structure, a true sense of right and wrong, redress the idiotic PurplePenguin programming and let them be different while respecting each other AND let boys play rough! Tell them what real MEN are about – courage, protecting the weak, being strong. Replace the now outmoded Feminism Ideology (what would the Suffragettes have thought of the “all sex is rape” demented ideology Radical Feminists espouse?) with Egalitarianism – that’s what our society strives to be, equal, not a destruction of all that is male.

Geoffrey Ragnarokk Danes ©2016